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"Do you wish to become one of the molders of human destiny? You can learn how to be well, happy and successful. You can learn how to influence people; how to create your own destiny."

-Dr. Ernest Holmes

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Are you tired of retraining professionals?  Train your staff from the start of their careers!  As a salon owner, the health of your business depends upon having qualified professionals trained in performing services in a way that best serves your salon. By participating with the Academy of Cosmetology Arts' apprenticeship programs, you can mold your future stylists to best suit your salon's needs. Join the Academy of Cosmetology Arts team as a Participating Employer and secure the success of your business with professionals trained your way!

The requirements to become a Participating Employer are:

  • The Salon must be licensed by the Colorado Office of Barber and Cosmetology
  • Each Salon Instructor must apply for teaching credentials and possess a current license
  • The Salon Instructor must have a minimum of 2 years or 4000 hours of experience
  • The Salon must be identified as a Participating Employer
  • The student must be identified as an apprentice
  • Discounted or free services are offered for practical instruction to be performed by the student

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